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Korres Guava Body Butter 235ml/7.95oz
$45.12 to $96.69
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About Korres
The passion and determination of the Greeks is legendary. It was this strength of will that in 1989 led George Korres to purchase the oldest homeopathic pharmacy in Athens with a view to developing and marketing his own range of homeopathic remedies. This had never been done before and many though the pharmacist was a bit crazy, but with the help of a chemical engineer named Lena his dream was soon realized. The couple’s passion for homeopathy developed into love for each other and before long they were married. The couple launched a line of healing and revitalizing skincare products using organic ingredients and it wasn’t long before the Korres Pharmacy has blossomed to become the Greek center of homeopathic medicine.

Before long prominent clients were crossing the globe to experience the natural effects of the range, which includes more than 500 skin and hair care products and even a range of colorful cosmetics that nurture your skin whilst enhancing your natural beauty. Throughout their career, George and Lena Korres have follow closely the principles of using the best quality natural ingredients created using a mixture of science and high aesthetics and sold at reasonable prices. All of their products look and smell good enough to eat, while having a long-lasting, restorative affect on your hair and body. Some of the best loved Korres products include the Wild Rose 24-Hour Moisturizer, Naturally Nude Collection and Body Butter. Today Korres products are available in more than 30 products and adored by millions for their quality ingredients and naturally soothing and healing properties.

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